OC Weekly Challenge #2: Cords, Cables & Media Stash

Wow! Such a great turnout for the first challenge!!! :) Hah! Oh I said before, I'm doing this to get myself organized and if it happens to inspire anyone else to do so, then great. If not, I'm still getting organized!!! :)

This weeks challenge is to organize all those loose cords and media "stuff". I store all of my media stuff in the TV cabinet in the living room. I don't know about you, but it's IMPOSSIBLE to get a cord out of my stash without spending an hour pulling and untangling and typically giving up! And I never know exactly what I have. In fact, just yesterday I bought an extension cord at Target and then found the EXACT one just hanging out in my stash once I started organizing it!!!
Here are the before photos (no laughing!):
I found some mini rubber bands for little girls' hair in the haircare section at Target and decided they'd be the perfect size to use to keep these cords bundled and neat. It was like a dollar for 100 of them! I used them for all of the cords except the really fat cable cords and things that I rolled into a circle...I used zipties for those (Home Depot). Here is what it looked like after I bundled each cord"

Then I put all the TV and computer cords in the bin and the extension cords on the shelf next to the bin, since I'm usually pulling those out the most. Then I organized the camera/camcorder supplies and bags and put them all back into the cabinet:
And here is the result:

Looks better, huh? It still contains all of the stuff it did before, but now the doors close easily!!! :) Please send in some pics of your BEFORE and AFTER pics if you decide to take on this challenge!

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