Finally...some CUTE patterned paper for BOYS!!!

I will admit that I am "impulse patterened paper shopper"...and I have the stash to prove it! :) I have an especially large collection of pink and floral papers and those geared toward little girls. I only a little girl for 2 1/2 years! But then the Noise Maker came along and I decided I would probably need to find something other than pink and floral papers to scrapbook his photos with. Easier said than done...

You know how when you go shopping for little girls clothes there are like 5,000 racks of super-cute things to choose from, and then over in the dark, musty corner you might find two racks of clearance clothes for boys??? Well, (for me anyway) that's how buying patterened paper for boys has been in the past...that is until I went to my local scrapbook store yesterday! I have scoured the local Hobby Lobby, Michael's, etc. but have been unsuccessful at finding much. I hadn't been to the sb store, though, in about 4 absolute miracle for me. Unfortunately, my wallet made up for missed time. : )

I found three lines of patterned paper for little boys that are absolutely TO DIE FOR!!! I obviously couldn't resist....

K & Company "Actopus to Zelephant Train":

Abbey Road "Stomp" and "Round & Round":

Three Bugs in a Rug "Snips & Snails: and "To the Rescue":

Have a look at these cutie-patootie papers next time you're at your local sb store...see if you can resist them! :)

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