Race Car Birthday Party!

It's been WAAAAAAY to long since my last post...especially since my last "crafty" post.  Trying to do better!  Life seems to have gotten super-busy lately and I feel like I haven't been able to spend nearly the time creating fun things that I used to.  (sigh)

But a birthday party is a good (necessary) excuse to get my craft on!  The Noise Maker, who lately has truly earned that name, just turned three years old.  Can't believe baby is getting so big!  He LOVES cars.  And when I say "love", I mean it's the only thing that holds his interest for more than about 5 minutes.  The kid might end up being a mechanic he loves them so much.  Anywho...

He specifically requested a "race car" party...not "Cars" (the movie) which would have been MUCH easier to produce given the amount of commercialized party goods out there!  So, I decided to go with his favorite colors (orange and green) and searched the web for ideas.  NOTHING.  No one else's kids like orange and green I guess.  So, I started from scratch.

One idea I did find online was the "street" table runner (above)...thanks Pinterest!  I cut a black plastic tablecloth into thirds lengthwise (to use for three tables).  Then I added pieces of white duct tape for lines down the middle.  Instant race track!  The party store had some inexpensive toy cars that I placed on the "road" for entertainment at cupcake time.
Laid over a bright green tablecloth, the race track really popped.  I used black "charger" paper plates and topped them with black and white checkered flag plates.  Orange napkins tied with checkered ribbon held the utensils.
We had the party at a park, where the kids could play on the plaground equipment, in the splash pad (it's already splash pad weather here in South Texas!), or run around in the grassy fields.  We had several other activities for them to participate in as well...

My favorite were the race car stampers that the kids could run over the giant ink pads and print tracks onto paper with:
I got them from Orietal Trading.  The wheels remove for easy cleaning and the kids seemed to really like them!
We also had a race car Bean Bag Toss game, which I got on clearance at Oriental Trading:
We also had race car sticker pages and race car tattoos for the kids.  For food, I made green and orange cupcakes with checkered flag toppers (Oriental Trading), race car shaped pretzels (Wal-Mart) and apple and grape cars (idea found on Pinterest)...
The Noise Maker had a slight "accident" with his cupcake...he tipped the plate it was on and it actually fell onto his forehead where he got a tiny little burn. of the year, here.
I also wanted to share the super-cute car shirt my friend Shera (aka Sew Sweet Princess) made for stinkin' cute is this?  Thanks, Shera!!!
Despite the candle incident, he had a blast and I think his friends did, too.  I forgot to take a pic of the party favors, but they were little baggies with a HotWheels car, mini play-doh, race car tattoo and candy.

Happy Birthday to my Little Man...I love you, buddy!  :)


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday to your little guy!! His party looked like so much fun...

Scrappy hugs,
Amanda :0)

Colby said...

And her thank you notes said "Thanks for making my party wheelie fun!" (It was.) :)

Robin's Creative Cottage said...

Hi Lori,
You are so amazing with party decorations! I love the "hot wheels" theme, great for your little guy. They grow up so fast, enjoy them!

Sew Sweet Princess said...

I can't believe I'm just now seeing this...SUCH a cute party Lori! Thanks for the props too :)

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