Craft: Budget Organizer (Altered Photo Book)

I have to admit that I am not great with finances.  Okay, I'm horrible.  I can't tell you how many different types of "budget systems" I've tried:  checkbook register, budget worksheet on the computer, printed worksheet hanging on the fridge, etc.  It doesn't matter what I try, I just don't keep up with it.  I swipe my card at the store, think to myself, "Hey, I'll record it when I get home and don't have two screaming kids in tow" and then forget by the time I drag myself into my house.

So I was talking to my friend on Thursday and she told me that her husband gives her cash and she budgets it out for the week...I've also tried this method.  Sort of.  I never actually created a system for keeping track of the cash...I just spent it, and when it was out, it was out.  Irresponsible, I know. 

So when she told me about her system, I got this idea to make a budget organizer that I could keep in my purse, that would separate the cash into specific funds.  That way, when I need something at the store, I pull from that fund's pocket and shove the receipt into the same pocket, therefore keeping a record of what I bought from that fund. 

I covered a plain chipboard photo album with decorative paper and labeled each pocket (photo sleeve).  Then I added a sticky note to each pocket to write down what I've spent.  When I get home, if/when I remove the receipt (into my handy receipt organizer), I record it on the sticky note.  At the end of the week, I subtract the amounts on the sticky note from the alloted amount for that fund and determine the surplus (if any).  I take any extra money and deposit it into my savings account.  Then I replace the sticky notes and add more money to each fund for the upcoming week.  Here are some photos of my organizer:
This is the inside front page, with my budget broken down into categories, or "funds":
This is an example of one of the pockets for the funds:

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