OC Weekly Challenge #1: Kitchen Drawer

Let's kick off this challenge with an easy one...

Pick one (or more if you're motivated, but don't rub it in!) drawer in your kitchen to organize. Take a BEFORE photo and and AFTER photo. I want to see some great organizational ideas for holding kitchen utensils, all of that "junk" in the junk drawer, baby bibs, etc....

**UPDATE** 8/25/09
I suppose that if I expect anyone else to participate, I should prove that I, myself, am actually going to follow along with the challenge!  Soooooooo, I decided to tackle my kitchen "Administrative Station" (aka Junk Drawer).  For some reason, this drawer always manages to collect a bunch of random stuff that doesn't belong...especially reciepts!  I keep my receipts 'just in case' and haven't had a system for storing them....until now!  Here is my BEFORE junk drawer photo:

And here is the AFTER junk drawer photo:
And this is my memory board which I will now term "Temporary Stuff Holder" for things that need to be in plain sight or need attention in the near future (invites that need RSVPs, appointment reminders for upcoming appts, etc.).  In front of it is a little recipe card box with some tabbed dividers for each month of the year and for each day of the month.  Each month, I will put the current month's divider in front (since it's the end of August, I'm starting this system on September 1st)...then when I buy something, I will put the receipt behind the number of the day of the month I purchased the item on.  At the end of the month, I can check the receipts, by day, against my checkbook register, or make locating them a little easier in case I need to return something.  Then, at the end of the month they can all be paper clipped together and stuck at the back of the box and the new month can be brought to the front.  I think this will FINALLY help me keep those loose receipts organized!
Let me know if you have some great organizational tips for all that random junk drawer "stuff"...  :)

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