Glitter Photo Ornaments

There are a TON of great tutorials out there on this project using the clear, round ornaments and I just had to try it on these cool square ones...which I originally bought to place these photos on and just fill with shredded paper!  This was one of the easiest, most fun and MESSIEST projects I've done!

Here's what you'll need:
1.  Pledge with Future Shine (it's a liquid floor wax that comes in a bottle from Wal-Mart, around $5)
2.  Plain, clear glass ornaments (I used these super-fun square ones from Hobby Lobby)
3.  Glitter in the color of your choice (I used the super-fine glitter)
4.  Embellishments for the outside (photo, photo frame) and ribbon

Take the silver top off the ornament.  Carefully pour a small amount of Pledge into the ornament, using enough to swish around and coat the enitre inside surface of the ornament.  Better to use too much than not enough!  Covering the opening of the ornament with a paper towel, swish the liquid around really well, making sure the entire inside surface of the ornament is wet.  Dump extra liquid back into bottle.  Make sure to get as much extra liquid out of the ornament as possible.

Next, take the glitter and pour it into the ornament (this is where I made my mess!!!...use a funnel!).  Covering the opening, shake the ornament around until the entire inside surface is completely covered with glitter.  You shouldn't be able to see through the ornament at all.  Dump the excess back into the glitter container.

Replace the top of the ornament and tie a bow.  Then embellish the outside of the ornament as deisred.  I cut the frame for my photo using Accent Essentials.  I cut it from white glitter paper, then added dimensional glaze to give it depth and shine (and to keep the glitter paper from making a big mess!).  Then I just used some more dimensional glaze to attach the frame and photo to the ornament.  That's it!

Thanks for looking!  :)


Juanita said...

Those ornaments are absolutely ADORABLE. TFS

Justine said...

How very clever!!! This is amazing. What lucky recipients

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I made the round glitter balls, but the square ones are fabulous!! A wonderful idea putting the pictures on them.

:o) Michelle

Minta's Creations said...

What an awesome idea for Grandparents.. I Love this!
What side scallop punch did you use?

Also, I'm your newest follower...
Would Love it if you could check out my blog..

Thanks for any info on the punch.

Carol said...

Fabulous project! Thank you for sharing

Sue said...

My first time on your site, but not the last! I love the creative things you do...