I received my first Blog Award...woo hoo!!!
Thank you so much to CheyenneMarie from EC Design Sudio for this thoughtful award!

"Now with great power comes great responsibility, or so they say, and this award comes with strings:
Say thanks to the one who sent it to you.
Tell us 7 things about you.
Pass it to 15 followers/friends."

Okay, seven things about goes:
1.  I grew up in Oklahoma and lived there until I got married
2.  I have a Master's Degree in Speech-Language Pathology
3.  I met my husband of nine years on a college Spring Break trip in Florida!
4.  I've lived in four states in the last 8 years
5.  I LOVE chocolate covered absolute FAVE!!!
6.  I consider my scrapbooking hobby a "habit"...seriously  :)
7.  My dream would be to open my own scrapbook store and surround myself with paper and embellishments ALL DAY LONG, 24/7!!! 

The 15 followers/friends I am passing this award onto are:
1.  Laura at "Barnum & Bailey"
2.  Vicki at "Wizard's Hangout"
3.  Karen at "Karen Pederson"
4.  Lisa at "Lisa's Creative Corner"
5.  Jen at "Jen's Jewel Box"
6.  Lori at "Clearly From The Heart"
7.  Kerry at "Kerry's Paper Crafts"
8.  Mel at "Mel Stampz"
9.  Jana at "From My Feathered Nest"
10.  Rose at "Pink Lemonade"
11.  Robin at "Robin's Creative Cottage"
13.  "Bug Junkie"
14.  Kathy at "Paper Phenomenon"
15.  Monique at "MonkeyDoodle Cricut"

Whew...LOTS of talented, super-fun ladies and their blogs.  Go check them out!!!  And thanks again for the award...soooooo proud!  :)


Lori Miller said...

Awww -- thanks for the award! I appreciate it very much! Your blog is beautiful. I'm now a follower and look forward to seeing all the cool things you make! :)

Jana Eubank said...

Hi, Lori! THANK YOU so much!!! What an honor! I am loving all of your cute projects here and now I will be spending some more time gaining some inspiration from you. :) Enjoy your week!

Karen Pedersen said...

THANKS, Lori! I'm honored that you passed this award on to me. I'm also flattered that you enjoy my blog so much. It was fun to see your blog and your creativity.

Vicki Wizniuk said...

Thanks, Lori! You've got a lot of my own faves on your list, too. I love that you're on the Board of Directors... LOL Funny. ;)