Weight Loss Update #7

You might (or might not!) have noticed that I didn't post a weight-loss update last week.  Was this because I was still sick and didn't have the energy?  No.  Was it because I was so busy with life that I forgot or didn't have time?  No (especially since you'll notice there are several craft projects posted since then!!!).  I was because it was my first week not to lose any weight.  I plateaued.  Is that a word?  I chickened out and didn't post it.  But now I'm over it.

I'm especially over it because I lost a pound this past week.  Woo hoo!  I will admit that I still have not begun a regular exercise program, but I DID walk one evening with my neighbor.  It's a start!  I would say that the exercise program would start this week except that once again, we're sick.  The Mess Maker had to have picked up a germ from preschool because it started showing up Saturday.  And, of course, I got it too.  This time it REALLY feels like the flu...not sure.  We're going to the doctor tomorrow to get the Mess Maker checked out.  Hope it isn't that super-fun H1N1 monster that's been going around.  Wish us luck...

Weight Lost This Week:  1 pound
Total Weight Loss:  74 pounds

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