Altered "Marble" Coasters with Photos and Stamps

I have been wanting to make some photo coasters for a while now, and today after I dropped the Mess Maker off at preschool, I went to Home Depot to get some marble tiles...except that when I got there I decided I liked the travertine better.  :)  So I got travertine tiles.

So all is good in the world until I begin to construct them and realize that, "Hey, travertine has holes and dips and valleys....not the best surface for pasting a thin piece of tissue paper".  DUH!!!  But, since I'm just practicing at this point, I went ahead and completed them.  I didn't look up any directions, so we'll see if they actually withstand cold beverages and water rings.  :)

To start, I taped a piece of white tissue paper to a sheet of regular printer paper.  I printed my photos in black and white onto the tissue paper, then I trimmed the photos and removed them from the paper.  I used Modge Podge to adhere the photos to the tiles, being careful not to rip the tissue paper.

When it was dry, I stamped the sentiments and flourishes in black solvent ink, let them dry and then applied a layer of acrylic sealer over the entire coaster.  To protect my furniture surface, I glued a thin piece of cork onto the back of each coaster. 

Now if you look really closely, you"ll notice that there are a couple of small areas where there's no travertine under the photo and I know that it's only a matter of time before the photo rips through in those spots...but I guess at that point I can just tell the Household CFO that I need to go buy more tiles, more stamps, more ink, etc. so I can make new ones...see how my mind works???   :)

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