OC Challenge #3: Linen Closet

I will admit that my towels and sheets (aka Linen Closet) is chronically unorganized.  I just don't know why I can't keep it nice and neat.  So I decided that since I couldn't close the door anymore due to the large heap on the floor of the closet, that it was time to tackle the mess.  So this is the challenge for the week:  clean out that linen closet and get it organized!  Here is my before picture:

You can obviously see that there is shelf space available why the heap on the floor???  No idea!  Anyway, this took less than 10 minutes to fix and I couldn't be more pleased.  Well, maybe more pleased if the closet was BIGGER!  :)  Anway, here's the after photo:

It was as simple as folding the sheets and towels, putting them on the SHELF instead of the FLOOR, and adding a couple of dryer sheets for that "just washed laundry" smell.  Ta-da!

P.S.  The green bucket on the floor is my stash of cleaning supplies for the upstairs (I've got one of these downstairs, too).  This was a fantastic suggestion from a household organization class I attended a few years need for cleaning supplies stashed all over the house for little ones to get into.  I just keep one bucket upstairs and one downstairs, both with tightly snapping lids and now my house is safe!  I'll be highlighting this at a later date...
Please link your newly organized closet photos using Mr. Linky off your hard work! :)


Due to the overwhelmingly (i.e. completely) absent response to my weekly organizational challenges, I have decided to focus my time and energy on posting my crafts and family updates.  You won't find any future organizational challenges, but I'd still love to hear from you if you have some fantastic organizational tips that will help make my life a little easier...I'm still on a constant organizational mission!!!  :)

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Twila ( said...

Dang - wish I had found this sooner! I'd love to participate, but since I work fulltime, it would be helpful to have "monthly" challenges. You up for posting any more? Or perhaps becoming "organization" buddies?