Toilet Paper Roll Mini Album (CTMH Caboodle Collection)

This is another mini album made out of toilet paper rolls.  I just love these!  When people ask me what I do to save the environment, I say I recycle and make toilet paper roll albums.  HAHAHAHA!
This one is made with the new CTMH Caboodle collection which is super-fun and "Spring-y".  I'll be teaching a class on this one later this month.
I used my Cricut to cut the tags (inserted inside the flattened rolls) from TBBM which allows for extra photos/journaling/storage.  I also used WIMG to cut the flowers.
I stamped two journaling blocks (CTMH My Acrylix "Frame Of Mind"), matted them with coordinating cardstock and cut them out, then punched holes in them and added them between the pages of the album.
Thanks for looking!  :)


scubascrapper brandi said...

I am a RSS Feed subscriber and love getting your updates! I would love to know how you get your rolls so flat. Do you run them through a cuttlebug or anything? I would love for you to post the steps you take when making one of these. I have a ton of the toilet paper rolls saved up and and ready to use them LOL!

Lori (THCEO) said...

Hi Brandi!

There is a process I go through to flatten them:

1. squash them by hand and use a bone folder to crease the edges

2. place them in a single layer under some heavy books for a few days

3. remove books, place in a stack and put inside a ziploc baggie, stacking them thick enough to where the baggie keeps them flattened (so full that it almost rips the bag!).

4. I store them in the baggie for a week (or until I need them) to keep them flat, which I think helps to "train" them to stay flat.

I hope that helps!!! :)