How I'm going to "blog"...

There are really three topics I want to share with the creation of this blog. The first is obviously updates and information about my kids and family. The second is my love of scrapbooking (I have an entire room in my home dedicated to this obsession!). And the third is my so-far-successful weight-loss plan (5 weeks and 25 pounds lost so far!) and the recipes I've found to support this effort.

Each week, in addition to any posts about my family, I'm going to highlight these other two topics:

1. I will post photos of one scrapbooking craft (and maybe more, depending on the week!)....a card, a mini-album, a scrapbook page, etc. Hopefully this will help me make my favorite hobby more of a priority than it has been recently, and allow me to share with everyone what I've made.

2. I will post a weekly recipe, likely low-fat and low-calorie, and also made with low "GI" (Glycemic Index) ingredients. I've found some YUMMY recipes that are helping to make this weight-loss journey a little easier and I am just dying to share them with everyone!

So, check the right side of this page under "crafts & recipes" (under the Blog Archive) if you're in the mood for some crafty ideas or delicious and healthy recipes! Enjoy!!!

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