DIY Party & Holiday Decor By OhMyGluestick!

I know sooooo many people who say they aren't "crafty" and wouldn't know where to start on handmade party and seasonal decor.  Well, if you like the idea of having a "handmade" component to your party decor, but don't know how to go about doing that, I have a solution!

My friend, Tommie, from Oh My Gluestick designs the most AMAZING graphics that you can buy, cut/punch out and use for your own parties and seasonal decorations!  She can make custom invitations and then design party circles, treat bag toppers, and more...all coordinating in the color/theme you choose! 

The best part about it is that she emails you the graphic and for one (VERY reasonable) price, you can print them off as many times as you want!  This saves you from having to start from scratch, yet allows you to have the hands-on experience of making your decorations, all without breaking the bank!
For the Party Circles, just use a scallop or circle punch to punch them out and then glue to popsicle sticks or hang from ribbon as tags or decorations:

From this:
To this:
Or this:
HERE is a tutorial on how to use the Party Circles, from OhMy Gluestick.

For the Treat Bag Toppers, just print, fold in half and attach to the top of a treat bag for a custom, coordinating party favor!
How easy is that???

Other products offered by OMG include water bottle labels, party hats, banners, door decorations, cake toppers, and of course invitations and announcements.  Visit OMG's Etsy shop HERE for more info!

**All images are from Oh My Gluestick and are copyrighted.**


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