Tealight Candle Lollipop!


With this super-cute project!!!  Over at Dawn's Stamping Thoughts, I found a great tutorial on this cute tealight candle lollipop, originally designed by Kristy Dunyon.  I just had to make one of my own!

If you want a video tutorial, Dawn does a great one.  But just a quick rundown of what I did:

1.  Hot glue a lollipop stick (available at craft stores, Wal-Mart, etc.) to the back of a tea light with a clear holder (the metal ones don't make it look as much like a real lollipop!).

2.  Then hot glue a circle (either punched or die cut...I used my Cricut) cut at the same size as the candle to the back of the candle, covering where you glued the stick on.

3.  Place in plastic/cellophane bag and tie closed with string/embroidery floss.

4.  Stamp sentiment on white cardstock (I used a holiday sentiment stamp from Close To My Heart).  Mat with coordinating cardstock and punch a hole at one end.  Thread string through hole and add charm.  Tie in a knot and trim the ends.

5.  To finish, tie a coordinating ribbon around the lollipop and trim ends.

That's easy and soooooooo cute!!!  Thanks for looking!  :)


Sheila Bennett said...

How quick, easy, and CUTE is that!! :)

Cindy said...

That is so cute. I love your blog. You post great ideas.

TropicLuv said...

What an adorable project! So simple but so cute, great job!

Justine said...

HOLY Crud that is the coolest idea EVER!!! OK now I am gonna make these. Wish I had that stamp. How hard would it be to obtain one of your catalogs.
I am in Sicily but have a stateside zipcode so it is not International, just New York. Since I don't have a Local Craft Store, and there are no CTMH reps here, I would be very interested in viewing a "real" catalog especially since I am really ticked off at SU!!!

Lori (THCEO) said...

Hi Justine!

Thank you so much for all the kind words...I really appreciate them!!! :)

Justine, I love that stamp, too...unfortunately, it was a limited edition Stamp Of The Month in October and is no longer available. :( Each month CTMH offers a different stamp set that you can earn free with a qualifying purchase, and this was one of those. There are other stamp sets similar to this one, though.

If you'd like to look at the catalog, it's available online on my website ( click on "Products" and "Autumn/Winter Idea Book". If you'd prefer a hard copy, I'd be happy to send you one. I only have one left!

The new catalog is due out on January 1st and there are some fabulous new products coming out, so if you want to wait for that one, it should be available to view online on Jan. 1st as well. Let me know if you want me to send you one and I will!

I personally like to have the hard copy and flip through the pages rather than view them's just more fun that way!!! :)

So mentioned Sicily and I immediately thought of Sophia from the Golden Girls...did you ever watch that show? One of my all-time favs!!!

Thanks for your comment! :)

Justine said...

I "suppose" I can wait until Jan 1st to see the new catalog. Actually I would really enjoy a hard copy. I don't mind paying for it but I too find them so much fun to pour over and over again. I don't mind paying for it, if you let me know how much and how to get you the money...
I remember the golden girls, what sophia the older lady? Sicilian people are fascinating the older ones are so cranky. lol must be all the vino
So disappointed I went to the military exchange (kinda like our walmart but not), anyhow, they didn't have the little candy stiks. Hopefully I have something around here in one of my craft boxes. I really want to make these. Off to check out the Craftaholics blogs. I want to win that stamp set