Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Sorry for the delay in posting the winner of the FAB CTMH blog candy for answering my question: "What should I do with this???" (see post HERE)

This was the Blog Candy up for grabs:
I loved all of your ideas...but since things have been a little crazy lately, I've yet to actually put the rack into use.  Soooooo, I don't have any photos yet.  But when I do get around to using it, I'll post the pics!

And now for the winner....
Nancy Watson said:
"So funny! My husband would not have gone to the dumpster for me
as he is mortified that I dumpster dive! But, I can't tell you how many things
I have been able to get to organize our house with that way.

Anyway, my first thought when I saw this is if you put down some cardboard on the
 shelves you have the perfect place for storing your GlimmerMist.
However, this would also work for re-inkers and ink pads (as I have one and
that is what I use mine for). Also, you could get those tiered spice shelve things
 and put one on each shelf and store your wood stamps on this too.

Have fun with whatever you do!

THANKS Nancy!  I have a TON of re-inkers and ink pads and I think this would be a great solution!
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