Kitchen Makeover....PROGRESS!!!

Thank you again to those of you out in Blogland that voted for my aunt and uncle to win the $30,000 Dream Kitchen Makeover, given away by one of their local TV stations!!!
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They won (thanks to an amazing number of votes!!!) and the makeover is in progress!  Thought I'd share some of the photos my uncle sent me on what the kitchen looks like now.  It's not completed (as you'll see), but it should be done in about a week or so.  I'll definitely show you the final result. 
Are you ready for this???  :)

Before...notice the lovely green, uh, I mean "avocado" countertops with coordinating wall paper:
During the "demolition":
My uncle and my dad, "supervising"...keep in mind that they are the premiere experts in anything having to do with home building/remodeling/fixing, having been "secured" up on the roof to help their grandfather re-roof the house when my dad was only 4 years old:
The damage...I guarantee you my dad and my uncle kept some of this scrap material for little "projects" they want to complete:
AND, the current condition of their kitchen...TOTALLY 100% empty:
They're making coffee in the bathroom, storing food in the dining room and appliances in the office.  They're troopers, I tell ya!  But I know they'll think it was well worth it when they get their dream kitchen!

More to come...stay tuned!  :)


the cricutologist said...

Whoa! Yes I'd be a bit anxious but telling myself "it's all worth it, don't freak out." Lol! What a huge blessing!

Traci Leichner said...

WOW!!! That is so cool....Can't wait to see the completed makeover. So exciting!!!!! :)