Dora Birthday Cake and Party!

Me: "What kind of cake do you want for your birthday?"
The Mess Maker: "Dora."
Me: "What kind of Dora cake?"
The Mess Maker: "PRINCESS!!!"

Can I tell you how HARD it is to find Princess Dora birthday party supplies?????  Luckily, it wasn't hard to make a Princess Dora cake which I think made the Mess Maker not notice the fact that all of the princess-themed decor wasn't actually Dora!

To make this cake, I used the Pampered Chef Batter Bowl.  One cake mix is baked directly in the bowl and then inverted.  I baked another cake mix in two 9" round cake pans.  I stacked the round layers, placed the dome layer on top and placed a Dora doll on the top. 

I iced it in pink (it HAD to be pink!) and then added fondant flowers I cut with some flower-shaped cookie cutters and sprayed with edible food coloring spray.  Super-simple and yummy!  Oh, and the cake was PINK (of course!)...strawberry.  Mmmmmmm....


Carol said...

Beautiful cake

Cindy Vernon said...

Absolutely love this cake. When does the Dora obsession end? My daughter wants Dora everything. Thanks for sharing.

Denise said...

You'd did a really great job! By any chance do you remember where you found the cake topper? It is sooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Denise! I actually used a doll that my daughter had...and we got it as a gift so I don't know where it was from. Maybe check EBay? Because it had a wide base, I had to scoop out some of the cake , place the doll in and then full in with icing.