Paw Print "Zoboomafoo" Birthday Invitations

A friend of mine has a daughter that is about to turn four and loves the show she requested Zoboomafoo invites.  If I'm being honest, I had never heard of the show before she mentioned it!  So I looked for it on On Demand, and it's really a super-cute, educational show!

Anyway, she wanted zebra print and hot pink as the color scheme...and she requested a paw print.  Now I have a pretty big collection of Cricut cartridges...I consider it a slight addiction.  But believe it or not, not one of them had a paw print image.  So out came the Design Studio and George and I was able to come up with a basic paw print and backing:
The base of the invitation is half of a 81/2" x 11" sheet of cardstock, cut lengthwise.  The two folds are made by scoring the base of the invite at 2 3/4" on both ends and folding toward the front.  I addes pieces of zebra print paper to both of the front flaps, and also inside of each flap.  The inside wording was printed on my computer with the Happy Sans font (LOVE IT!):
(I put an envelope in front of the party details to protect privacy)

Once I completed the base of the invitation, I added the paw print cut from black and pink glitter cardstock, with a tag (from George) that says "party!".  Looks like a WILD TIME to me!!!

P.S.  She hired someone to bring a live Lemur (just like the one on Zoboomafoo) along with some other critters to the fun is that???  :)

Have a creative day!


Colby said...

Um. Yes.

Shannon K. said...

You are amazingly talented, crafty and creative! We love them and a million times THANK YOU!

critterbugg365 said...

So freaking cute! And a great idea for an invite.

Anonymous said...

Is there anyway I can get you to make more of these? I'm willing to pay good. I can't find black, white and paw print invitations anywhere. Please let me know.

Lori (THCEO) said...

I'm sorry, we are in the process of moving, and everything has been put on hold for a while, so I don't have access to all of my supplies. Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Is the hot pink ribbon or card stock? Does it wrap around the back?