Valentine Lollipop Flower Pots

I made little lollipop flower pots for the Mess Maker's preschool teachers last year for Valentine's Day, and decided to do them again this year for her new teachers.  I couldn't find Tootsie Pops (?????) so I had to use Blow Pops, which have the wrappers twisted at the top.  So I just used glue dots to hold the wrappers down over the lollipop.  Problem solved!  My original directions and lollipop flowers can be found here.  I used flowers cut with my George cartridge and dot embossed cardstock in light and dark pink.  Sooooo easy and fun!
Things may be crazy at our house right now, but I can't completely stop crafting!  Yes, I have to keep my craft room looking "pretty" for showings.  No, I can't leave my Cricut, cartridges and paper all over because it wouldn't be attractive to prospective home buyers.  But I CAN do a quick little craft to show the Mess Maker's preschool teachers they are appreciated for Valentine's Day!  And yes, I cleaned up every last tiny piece of paper in my scraproom when I was done...

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Jamie said...

I love this little flowers. They are perfect for kiddos. I am passing on an award to you. You can pick it up on my blog if you like.